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Welcome at my site!

I am very pleased that you have decided to visit my site.

Well that's obvious isn't it? Why am I shooting pictures?...

Yes,... in the first place because it is wonderful to be in nature, I enjoy taking pictures! I just can't stop!

After shooting them I really enjoy 'develop' the pictures into 'eye-candies'.

But most important, I shoot pictures to show others the world (or small parts of it) the way I saw it the moment I took that picture!

My hope is to inspire others, to do the same and enjoy and respect the wonderful world around us, quite often verry near to the place we live.

That's why I am honored by your visit.

For me Photographing is a kind of 'treasure hunting', hereby you're invited to enjoy my treasures and get inspiret to 'hunt' your own!

So please enjoy!...


If you would have any questions, please let me know by mail, I am happy to help you when possible.

I can't answer all the mail at once, but I promise I will always answer your question (don't hesitate for instnace if you want to know something about how you could enhance your technique).

I am happy to answer all kind of questions!


This site is not totally active yet!
It is still partly under construction!
Just try what's functioning, and what not...

Please accept, or visit us again later!


To see some of my pictures, just click on the links, just left- underneath the logo on top of this page...

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